Homework and Practice

Homework: Work done outside the classroom, either to complete work that wasn't finished in class or assignments that require time and resources outside school such as projects.

Practice: Exercises done repeatedly to help a students master a skill and/or concept previously taught.

Homework and Practice are essential tools for teachers to use. They help to deepen the understanding of the lessons and material taught to their students. These tools are used to help the student use the knowledge from the lessons and implement that knowledge into application. The goal of Homework and Practice should be the same as a teacher's goal for each member of their classroom - To get the student as close to mastery level understanding as possible. Homework and Practice are beneficial to both the student and the teacher in knowing where the student's level of understanding is, what needs to be practiced more and when the student has mastered that particular lesson. Homework and Practice are essential to the learning process and go hand in hand.

According to research and studies (Marzano 2001), Homework and Practice can be most effective when keeping some key facts in mind:

  • Teacher AND Students should understand the four types of homework (Memorization, Increase in skill speed, Deepening understanding of a concept & Preparation for upcoming lesson) and what the goal is.

  • Base time for Homework and Practice on appropriate Grade level. See Chart Below.

pic 1.png

  • Match with student skills and provide positive consequences for completion and TIMELY feedback.

  • Provide clear homework policies that the students and parents are both aware of and understand.

  • Parents should be asked to make sure their child has a clean, safe environment to do homework, but should not be expected to “teach” the material. If their child is having trouble, it’s a sign they did not fully understand the material.

  • Having Journals, trackers, and other tools help students organize assignments and support communication between student, teacher, and parents.