Group Projects:

If structured well, group projects can promote important intellectual and social skills and help to prepare students for a work world in which teamwork and collaboration are increasingly the norm. Students are constantly working together in groups and they seem to enjoy working in a group too. Some students know how to work well in a group and others don't. Group projects will help prepare students to work with future coworkers, managers, and other people they will be meeting in their life who they have to work with.

Benefits of Working in Group Projects:
  • Students learn how to:
    • Break complex tasks into parts and steps
    • Plan and manage time
    • Refine understanding through discussion
    • Give feedback to one another
    • Develop stronger communication skills

The photos below show how students are not only working together in groups on projects but also how they are integrating technology into their every day work. Group projects do not only have to be done in the classroom, they can be done anywhere at any time, which is a major benefit to students who are working as well as attending school.
Photo Credit to hackNY on Flickr
Photo Credit to hackNY on Flickr

Photo credit to: hackNY
Photo credit to: hackNY
Skills Developed from Group Projects:
  • Tackle more complex problems than they could on their own
  • Delegate roles and responsibilities
  • Hold one another (and be held) accountable
  • Receive social support and encouragement to take risks
  • Develop new approaches to resolving differences
  • Establish a shared identity with other group members
  • Develop their own voice and perspectives in relation to peers

All of these skills are highly valued in the work force because if someone cannot work in a group or in a team then they make working with them hard to handle. Working in groups allows students to start to develop skills they'll need to have later on in life. Most students' always ask, "When will I ever use this in life?" Well here is a prime example of something they will use throughout their entire life. I personally believe that working in groups on projects will benefit students in ways that can never imagine. They may not realize that they are constantly working in groups and are constantly honing in on certain skills but it is clearly evident when they work in groups on who is improving and who needs help working in groups.

The video below shows the 1st in a five video series about how to work in a group for students.

The following video may interest students on some benefits of working in a group (and it may make them smile as well).